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SIA Door Supervisors Top Up

Who is this qualification for?

Who is this qualification for?
The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace. It is designed for learners who currently hold a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work as a door supervisor and need to be brought up to date with the new licence-linked qualifications requirements.

How long will it take?
To complete this qualification learners are expected to undertake approximately 23 hours of learning. The SIA stipulates a minimum of 13 hours and 35 minutes contact time (2-days) if self-study is undertaken. Please refer to Highfield’s qualification specification for further details on self-study.

Topics covered
These include principles of terror threat awareness, principles of using equipment as a door supervisor and the application of physical intervention skills.

SIA - Top-Up Door Supervision course consists of the following Units:

Chapter 1: Principles of Terror Threat Awareness in the Private Security Industry.

Chapter 2: Principles of Using Equipment as a Door Supervisor in the Private Security Industry.

Chapter 3: Application of physical intervention skills in the private security industry.

What you will learn:

Chapter 1: Understand counter-terrorism issues relevant to a door supervisor.

Chapter 2: Know the role of a door supervisor when first aid situations occur in licensed premises.

Chapter 3: Know how to use communication equipment’s relevant to a door supervisor.

Chapter 4: Physical Intervention concept theory how to keep venue and people safe.

Chapter 5: Physical Intervention practical skills relevant to a door supervisor.

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Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by practical assessments and multiple-choice examinations.


This qualification is assessed by practical demonstrations, questions and answers, 3 multiple choice exams.

The Principles of Terror Threat Awareness Module
10 Multiple Choice Questions
20 minutes
Pass Mark – 70%

Principles of Using Equipment as a Door Supervisor Module
5 Multiple Choice Questions
10 minutes
Pass Mark – 70%
Practical Assessment – Internally Marked

Application of Physical Intervention Skills
30 Multiple Choice Questions
45 minutes
Pass Mark – 80%
Questions and Answers – Internally marked
Practical Demonstration for Techniques undertaken – Internally Marked

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How long is the training course?

It has been designed to be completed in 3 Days.

Day One          08:30-17.30
Day Two          09:00-17.30
Day Three       09:00-17.30

EFAW: We also include Emergency First aid at work on the Door Supervisor training to complete 3 days (a minimum of the EFA qualification with 12 Months left to run is a requirement to gain an SIA DS badge from 01/04/21)

Total cost: Our special early booking price is £155.00 or pay a deposit of £50.00 non-refundable and the balance on the first day of training.

We offer a free resit for one module if you need to retake but after that, please see the charges detailed below (Please note this does not include the home study assessment part of the training).

Retake 1 Free
Retake 2 £50
Retake 2 £80

Retake 4 and above (£100)
(Inclusive of Registration fees, exam fee, no other charges).

BOOK YOUR COURSE NOW: You can book this course by telephone on 01622 203324 (For immediate booking).

All guidelines will be provided upon completion of bookings on the next working day by email.

Documents required from you: You will be required to bring Identification documents such as Passport or drivers’ licence and proof of address utility bill or bank statement etc along with 1 passport size photograph.

Next Course: Dates Monday 5th September to 11th September. 



Need to top up your door supervision skills?

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