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Key Holding Service and Alarm Response by TMS Protection Ltd, Sleep easy knowing that TMS Protection has your retail unit, commercial premise or business covered our professional key holding and alarm response service is available throughout the UK.

With offices in Maidstone Kent, and Bow London, TMS Protection Ltd is ideally placed to provide Keyholding and Alarm Response across the counties of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, Greater London and The UK.

Professional SIA Approved Keyholding by TMS Protection Ltd means that our customers are no longer required to attend alarm calls in the dead of night.

Another little-known benefit is the fact that insurance premiums for business protected by a professional alarm response and Keyholding team can be lower.

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Keyholding and alarm response is a core element of our business, as such we aim to offer our clients unparalleled service.

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The most important benefit is the fact that your premise is protected allowing you complete peace of mind when business owners or managers are woken with an alarm response request nine times out of ten the alarm has been triggered by something other than a break in.

However attending an alarm call can be a nerve-wracking experience if the alarm turns out to be a genuine break-in or emergency and intruders are still on site there is a possibility that they are dangerous.

With no conflict training, any allotted company keyholder is potentially putting themselves in a life threating position.

Should TMS be called to a break in the security guard in attendance will arrange for glaziers or any other necessary trade to secure the property our security operative will then remain on the premises until all necessary works to secure the property are completed.



At TMS, all employees share five fundamental corporate values. They form the roots of our corporate culture: Failure is NOT an Option, LOVE Customers, Above THE Line, Honesty is the BEST Policy and We make IT Happen. It’s our mission to apply these values to everything we do.

Failure is NOT an Option

Our Winning culture teaches us to always be the best we can be.

LOVE Customers

We invest in our people so they have the skills to deliver a First Class service to our Customers.

Above THE Line

As a team we take full accountability and responsibility for our actions. We avoid blame and making excuses.

Honesty is the BEST Policy

You can Trust Us. End of.

We make IT Happen

Through hard work, professionalism and high standards we always deliver.


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