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With over ten years experience of supplying door staff to nightclubs, pubs, and private functions TMS are market leaders, using professional and innovative methods to improve the industry.

Door supervisors are the frontline of your business their actions, mannerisms, and attitude can determine the public perception of your premises. Our staff attend regular scenario and physical intervention training as well as attending drug awareness courses, to help identify and eradicate drug misuse.

TMS Protection Ltd provides SIA Licensed door supervisors across Kent and London, all door supervisors used by TMS are heavily vetted, since the introduction of strict legislation concerning door supervision in 2001 the days of the typical nightclub bouncer are a thing of the past.

TMS door supervisors are qualified security professionals focussed on their responsibility to protect your venue, venue staff, and patrons from Anti-Social Behaviour.

With offices in Maidstone Kent, and Bow London, TMS Protection Ltd is ideally placed to provide Door Supervisors across the county of Kent, London and Greater London.


Door Supervisors in Kent & London provided by TMS benefit from regular training, the focus of which is to make sure our door supervisors are continually briefed on legislative changes affecting the profession. Door supervisors are also kept up to date with any changes to licensing laws.

All Door supervisors provided by TMS receive regular training in conflict management, fire safety and the application of first aid our door supervisors in Kent & London will keep your venue, customers and staff safe and secure in all situations.

Our team utilises the latest technology in security including CCTV body cameras which act as a deterrent against anti-social behavior. Footage from CCTV body cameras can also help to protect the reputation of your venue and our door supervisors.

TMS Protection Ltd provide door supervision for many venues in Kent and London including The Source Bar and The Social Festival, this is because TMS offer unique solutions; no venue is the same, each client is provided with solutions that suit their security requirements.



At TMS we invest heavily in the protection of our staff and our clients. All of our security guards, door supervisors, and parking officers are equipped with state of the art Body Worn cameras, with real-time video and sound recording. This ensures that our staff always offer a professional service and eradicates the possibility of complaints against our employees and our clients.

Our cameras are mounted using a harness system, ensuring that the optimum recording angle is obtained. Each camera is equipped with infrared technology to enable night time recording. During trials we found using this system has significantly reduced abuse and violence against our staff. The footage is available for our clients to view to guarantee continuity of service is maintained.


At the end of each shift, the recordings are downloaded onto a hard drive at our head office and stored for 28 days. We work in partnership with Kent Police and share information regularly to help prosecute offenders. The system enables our staff to produce evidence instantly to officers which ensures a prompt and effective investigation, leading to more convictions.

For the very best door supervisors in Kent and London contact TMS Protection Ltd.


At TMS, all employees share five fundamental corporate values. They form the roots of our corporate culture: Failure is NOT an Option, LOVE Customers, Above THE Line, Honesty is the BEST Policy and We make IT Happen. It’s our mission to apply these values to everything we do.

Failure is NOT an Option

Our Winning culture teaches us to always be the best we can be.

LOVE Customers

We invest in our people so they have the skills to deliver a First Class service to our Customers.

Above THE Line

As a team we take full accountability and responsibility for our actions. We avoid blame and making excuses.

Honesty is the BEST Policy

You can Trust Us. End of.

We make IT Happen

Through hard work, professionalism and high standards we always deliver.


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