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Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS)

community safety

29th April 2018

By Tom

After stringent vetting and careful consideration by the chief constable of Kent police TMS Protection Ltd has been accepted into the Community safety accreditation scheme (CSAS) this is a considerable achievement for our team and is a nod to the great work our
street marshals have been doing in Maidstone.

We are especially proud of this achievement as our business is one of only two in the Kent area that has successfully applied for CSAS.

What is the CSAS?

CSAS is a voluntary scheme under which chief constables can choose to accredit employed people already working in roles that contribute to maintaining and improving community safety with limited but targeted powers. These roles include neighbourhood wardens, hospital security guards, park wardens, shopping mall guards and train guards.

The scheme creates a framework for public and private bodies to work in partnership with the police, providing an additional uniformed presence in communities and capitalising on the skills and information captured by those already engaged with the community.

All schemes are managed, monitored and assessed at a local level by the responsible police force. Main benefits of the scheme include:

  • increasing uniformed presence on the streets (CSAS accredited persons wear the uniform of their employing organisation, with an identification badge endorsed by the local police force)
  • reductions in local issues such as street drinking, begging and dog fouling
  • saving valuable police time in community safety to deal with low-level crime and disorder
  • promoting greater business involvement with the police, and allowing the police to influence the training of businesses, e.g. security companies
  • promoting partnership working and the 2-way exchange of information and intelligence between agencies

What are our new powers?

  • Power to require giving of name and address
  • Power to deal with begging
  • Power to require persons drinking in designated places to surrender alcohol
  • Power to control traffic for purposes other than escorting a load of
    exceptional dimensions

How will the above powers benefit the local community?

Handpicked, vetted members of our staff will use the powers at their disposal to make our presence on the street more credible this, in turn, will help to reduce anti-social behaviour and free up police time.

Everyone at TMS is proud to of gained the CSAS status: we intend to work closely with Kent police to stamp out anti-social behaviour in the county town.


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