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British Heart Foundation Maidstone

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19th June 2018

By Tom

We strongly believe our business has an important role to play in the local community and realise how important it is to give back.

Recently we were saddened to hear about a spate of thefts at the British Heart Foundation store in Maidstone town centre.

As anyone familiar with TMS Protection will know it is our policy to support local charitable organisations, in the past among others we have supported the Urban Blue Bus which helps to keep Maidstone revellers safe on a night out.

As a business, we have a particular interest in Maidstone we are based here and we currently provide both Taxi Marshals and Town Centre Wardens in the county town.

Naturally, we were disappointed to hear about the thefts from the British Heart Foundation and wanted to help, our Managing Director Tom Devine has decided to provide the Maidstone shop with a security guard each Saturday free of charge.

A quote from Tom

“It’s hard to understand as they are a charity, but I guess that’s the society we live in these days I thought it makes sense if we donate a security guard. Obviously we will cover the cost and hopefully, it will be a deterrent to thieves. You can’t just take as a business you have to give back to the community.”


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